Customers terms and conditions

  1. User account (customer account): the whole responsibility of maintaining their account is belongs to user (customer).
    You are agreed to maintain confidentiality of your account and agreed to accept all actions/activities that comes under account.
    User accounts contains
    1. login credentials
    2. wallet amounts
    3. purchased product details
    4. paytags(contain cash deducted at the time of product purchase in widerwings)
    5. ordered products
    6. your address and contact info
    7. And others may be facilitate by widerwings in future
    • If you found anyone misuse our account then you can report it to widerwings.
    • You have the provision to edit the details provided at the time of registration.
    • Widerwings is not responsible for anything misuse of your account by anyone.
    • Widerwings has full authority to terminate user access, delete or edit the content any time without noticing to you.
    • Widerwings is hereby confirming that you are agreed to maintain your account and you are sole responsible for that.
  2. Connecting to
    • is e-commerce platform here business conduction is purely based on internet. We will try almost to provide uninterrupted running of platform but we will not ensure for errors or any inconvenience due to poor internet speed or server problem.
    • We may shutoff the site for some time for schedule maintenance or for any other reasons.
  3. Purchasing on widerwings
    • Widerwings platform is a market like echo system so simply we call it virtual market here users will purchased using our platform.
    • We just provide platform to sellers, sellers list their products in our platform here widerwings is not responsible for any transaction between you and sellers.
    • we may try to resolve the issues if happened if possible and may try to establish the connection between you and sellers but we are not assured for that.
  4. . Permission for website access
    • Widerwings grants limited permission to access our website which includes the stuffs like maintaining accounts username, passwords, purchasing of products, returning the products according to polices, view and edit account information in a pleasant and in a systematic way.
    • Widerwings allows user to use for personal purpose only.
    • Users are not allowed to download, modify the content of website or any portion of the website.
    • users are not allowed to sold, reuse the contents, logos, trademarks ,interface methods and its working style, nature and working of this website in all portion.
    • Users are not allowed to sold, duplicate the contents, logos, trademarks, interface methods and its working style, nature and working of this website in all portions.
    • users should not sold, use, copy or duplicate intellectual properties of the website.
  5. your activities
    • widerwings website permits you to perform limited personal activities like purchasing products, return products according to polices, comments on products, sellers using formal words. Can give feedback for widerwings website. the website operates in electronic mode the contents listed in lawful way.
    • Users must not use the website that can make website interrupted, disturbed or impaired in any way.
    • Users are not permitted to do the activities in unlawful way.
    • Users must and use the website in such a way that it should not damage, ruin the prestige.
    • users should not comment the slang, vaguer, indecent words
    • user should not do any frauds or criminal activities in any way to widerwings and to its affiliates
    • user should not use ,send or reuse the contents of the widerwings website/app
    • Offensive activities, materials like sexual explicit content ,pornography, harassing, abusive, traditionally condemned, socially condemned, manhandling, which are all harmful to society, which are object able by any way, spams, virus, inhuman activity are strictly prohibited. User should not use apply stuffs like computer virus, malwares etc.
    • Users must not do the activities that harms peace, secularity, severity of country and which harms physically, mentally, which hurts the traditional values, which socially condemned.
    • users should not do inconvenience ,discomfort ,annoyance, anxiety to things or anyone.
  6. reviews, comments, suggestions and other content
    • users may can post reviews, comments, suggestions and can post other contents if they prefer to post.
    • The contents you have posted must not hurt, harm(physically or mentally) anybody, anything, widerwings and its affiliates
    • it should not illegal, abusive, threatening, obscene .infringing of intellectual property rights. And it should not contain computer virus, malwares, spams
    • users must not post reviews in vaguer, in slang words and should not miss leading in any way
    • Widerwings has full authority to deny or terminate access for the violation of above conditions.
    • you are fully agreed without any doubts that you are giving full rights to widerwings that the content posted by you or submitted by you physically or via mail or in any form or in any mode can be use, modify, delete, edit, publish, advertise.
    • the content may be of any thing it can be intellectual property rights or any suggestion, or useful stuffs Orin of any form, you are agree to granting the permission to widerwings to use those contents non exclusively ,royalty-free ,irrevocable rights to use, add extra information ,content, improvement contents, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute, display through world in any media or in any mode, and content can be used in same name in connection with that.
    • you are agreed to grant widerwings using contents they may be of your intellectual properties and you could have protection agreements on it over running time or in past or might be in future. And you should have respective attitude towards it.
    • You are agreed to grant right to make agreement as it needs
    • You are agreed that you have complete rights on the contents submitted by you legally are in lawful way and you agreed to indemnify widerwings that any third party or its affiliates would arise any claims against the content that violate their intellectual property rights.
  7. notice on objectionable content
    • because of widerwings is e-commerce platform it has wider variety of products under various categories and sub categories the products might rising always and it might has review, comments ,feed backs ,advertising words, admiring, anything if you find anything objectionable contents like that hurts, harms any person(physically or mentally),illegal ,offensive, promotes racism, abusive, misleading, things, obscene ,pornographic, which is assaulting anyone, which can upsets, might be hurts peace, secularity, soverginity , unity of the country any in any way can be noticed to widerwings via email or by contacting us or in any way
    • if you find any object able content in website in any way can be noticed.
  8. Intellectual property rights
    • we will respect intellectual property rights of every one if you find any issues against intellectual property rights you can notice you in any way our email will be given below to notice the issue.
  9. Trademarks
    •,, widerwings ,paytags ,logo are registered trademarks of widerwings all contents found in respective of widerwings website are the properties of widerwings
  10. Disclaimer
    • You are agreed that you are accessing the website on your own interest and you are bound by the all terms and conditions explained
    • we disclaim that we are not responsible for any fouls, misunderstandings ,losses, disputes, any sensible issues ,harassments during the transactions between you and sellers widerwings is only the service provider and nowhere connected between you and seller we are not responsible for disputes of any sale, guaranty, warranty of products, products quality, shipping times and durations, any type of interruptions in software use, any disputes in transactions,relablity,durablity,size/fitting,saftey,security,loss,saftey,loss of user name, passwords, valuables(including money)in any way, rejection of products by seller ,interruption in product transactions, issues regarding products and sellers, inaccurate contents(we take precautions but we dint ensure),objectionable content.
    • We shall not mediate between you and sellers in any situation. Final decisions and activities are conducted by you and you are responsible to all.
    • we are not responsible for any failures to complete with our obligations under these conditions is the delay or failure occurs from any way which is beyond our control this conditions does not affect statutory rights.
  11. Eligibility to use of website
    • According to Indian law person aged 18 and above are eligible to access the website. Minors may use the website under the guidelines and supervision of guardians, parents who is/are major (above 18 years).
  12. Profits and loss
    • we are not responsible for profits or losses happened to you in any way.
    • Modifications in terms, conditions, privacy policy and all other contents
    • widerwings reserves all right to modify ,remove, edit in terms of terms and conditions, privacy policy and all other contents the modification may be because of change in laws of government or may be due to emergency period or anything that is 100% needy for betterment, may be to provide best service.
  13. Taxes
    • Service taxes and other taxes if applicable is collected as per the Indian tax rates
    • final billing will be made by seller we are not ensure in tax rate, and even seller can made mistake while entering tax rates.

privacy policy

  1. email

    your email that you entered is used to make communication between widerwings and customer(you), to replay for queries ,to send email invoices of products, to send notifications, to send our product information, third party seller product information, other important information ,financial transactions, to send the tracking information of your purchased products, for greetings, to send username and passwords and forgotten user name and passwords and etc.

    Third party sellers will view your email id for order confirmation which u purchased the product.

  2. contact info

    contact info is used for confirm OTP ,to send customer login password , to send information of your purchased products, to send financial information, best product advertisements, for communication, to deliver and pickup products and etc.

    Contact info is also used by our delivery and pickup executives to reach you for better service.

    Third party sellers will view your contact info for communication, for order confirmation

  3. address

    your address is mandatory for us to deliver the products purchased by you and to pick up your return product on our widerwings website or app.

    Third party sellers will use your address to ship the product you purchased.

  4. Account number and information

    account number and ifsc code is used by us to put the settlement amount of your returned product, redemption of your wallet amount and for online transactions.

  5. your designated name

    name is used to call you as honor in our website/app and to ensure your login

  6. cookies

    cookies are used to ensure the login/logout of customers

  7. credit card/debit card, net banking
    are might be used by you for online transactions, for buying products in our website/app. banking details during online payment, we will not store any information like card number , cvv or any other card or net banking details.